A sonnet written by Elisa in the dead of night on 8/18/09. 


My sympathy goes to everyone in Taiwan.  I have said enough on my blog about my sadness and feeling surrounding the poor handling and the tardiness of the entire rescue process.  I do hope that everyone can get through this disaster. 



My sorrow for the Taiwanese people – amidst Typhoon Morakot disaster


Twisting and turning through sleepless night,
I saw images of victims everywhere,
In a world you trap with no help in sight,
The haunting sight I cannot bear.
How can I relieve the pain you suffer?
I cannot escape the crying for help.
Can life in aftermath be any rougher?
There should be a way I can help.
Anguish and sorrow cloud my wits,
O God, please hear my prayer,
Provide a shelter to calm their spirits,
Soothe their pain and take them in your care.
Rescue the people I care so much,
And relinquish the anger they so clutch.


** 版權所有 - Elisa.



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