1.  Steal a glance at someone

看, 偷瞄

I cant help stealing a glance at John because he is so handsome.

From time to time, she stole a glance at John from under her long eyelashes.


2.  Give someone a long hard stare.

From time to time, she would give a long hard stare at Bruce to show her interest in him.


3. Make a beeline for someone / something = to head straight toward someone or something



When my son gets home, he usually makes a beeline for the ice cream.


4.  Catch a glimpse of something/someone = glimpse at something/someone
瞥見, 匆匆看過

I caught a glimpse of Bruce looking at me.
I only caught a glimpse of the thief, so I am unable to identify him.

** 版權所有 - Elisa.


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