Not many people knew that I performed in Southern Theatre or watched me dance before.  My husband came to one of my performance.  I believe that we still have the videotape of that. 

I am not a professional dancer, not even an amateur.  The dances I performed were Arabic Dance, Tap Dance, and Flamingo.  I like dancing.  It is just purely an interest - my passion for dance.  I also learned Modern Dance and African Dance.  Before having kids, I live a free life, swimming, spinning bike, playing racquetball, and attending dance schools.  Life is carefree.  I maintained a fit body.  


Life after kids, I gained 23 1/2 pounds and counting.  No time for myself nor exercising.  Constant yelling and scolding!   

If you ask if I would change my life, I really don't know.  I miss the life being single, and the life being alone with my husband.  However, I could not give up the life listening to my kids chatting, watching their smiles and playing with them.  


Life is a dilemma.     



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