Finally, the dog has stopped barking, or has it?  Or do we have to wait until the fat lady sings.  So what has it to do with this article?  It just reflects my current mindset.  Alright, I don’t stay mad all the time.  Like I said earlier, blogging is a way to relieve my tension and frustration.


Anyway,  after a good night’s sleep, what awaits me is a pleasant morning.  As I woke up this morning and looked out to our deck, I scared the pheasant which lives on our deck.  He flew away and landed on our backyard.  A coyote jumped from behind and tried to catch him.  I am glad she missed him.  Wow!  A coyote at our backyard.  That is something.  I know there are plenty of animals living in our backyard, but this is the first time I saw a coyote.  Too bad, I did not have a camera in hand to capture the scene in time.  I hope that the pheasant will still stay in light of the danger.  In addition to the coyote, there are other predators living in our backyard, a red fox and some raccoons.  I don’t know if raccoons will attack pheasants or not. 


By the way, my daughter is really goofy.  She likes to laugh and she gets ecstatic on almost everything she sees.  The other day, she saw a female duck and a male duck walking on our front yard.  I told her that they were papa duckie and mama duckie and asked if she could tell which from which.  My son told me the one with green head was the papa duckie and he was right.  I am still amazed at the amount of information that a kid can take in.  I hope that I am young again and have the ability of absorbing everything like a sponge.   Anyway, my daughter’s reaction to my question was a follow up question of where the baby duckies were.  I told her that they were still inside the eggs, hiding from the red fox.  She burst into laughter, but then she wanted to see the eggs.  I said to her that they were hidden in a very secured and private area so no one could find them to eat them up.  I like baby duckies.  They are so cute.  I do hope that the fox do not find them before they hatch, and that I have a chance to take a picture of them.


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