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What this blog is and is not.


In this blog, you will find articles around English grammar and usage.  I also occasionally get into the subject of translation, writing and English Literature.  In addition, it is also a place where I vent my frustration, talk about things I see and books I read.  It all comes in a package.  However, my articles are labeled to help you find the articles you are interested in.  If your sole purpose is to learn English, you don’t have to read my articles labeled under 生活時事, 法語, 工作職場.


Just want to make this clarification. 


I also want to clarify that I have never suggested that I majored in English.  I have a BS degree in Economics and an MBA degree focusing on Finance and Marketing.  What I wrote is what I learned over the years.  You can choose to learn it and you can choose not to.  I am not a Communist or a dictator who will force everyone to agree with me on everything.   


However, I am a human being and I do have moods.  I am not a good-tempered person.  I found blogging a pretty good way of relieving my pressure and frustration.  If you don’t like reading it or if you don’t agree with what I said, you can choose not to. 


Anyway, that is all I have to say.  I am not in a good mood lately, so I apologize if I sounded harsh on you.  I am not a Saint and will never be and I don’t feel it to be a flaw. 


By the way, I have closed my account to avoid someone from going through my profile and sending requests to Yahoo to remove questions that I answered over 5 months old, based on the removal rule of unclear subject line.  And yes, they do have a way to do that as I have experienced first handed when I started answering questions in Yahoo Knowledge, having half of the questions (25 out of 50) I answered removed in a single day, just because of my big mouth.  If you are interested, I have written about it.  It is not hard to find.  If you have not encountered that, I can only say that you are really lucky and that you have never been in anyone's way.  Everyone has different experience, so don't jump into conclusion.  It is like there is not always one correct answer to a question.


I will try to post the answers I provided in Yahoo Management here whenever I have time, so you still have the opportunity to read them.  I keep every one of them even the ones removed.  What can I say?  I am just an arrogant, self-centered person who thinks that her English is the best.      


By the way, if you want to argue with me around this whole incident, I have no time and no energy to continue on this subject.  I have done whatever can be done and I know that Yahoo Management has not made a mistake based on the feedback I received regarding the actions they took around sock puppet accounts. 


Anyway, this is it for now.  I am tired of talking about this anymore as my initial thought was to vent my frustration through blogging.  I know that I am not the only one who does that with his/her blog.  Once I wrote about it, I felt good again.  Arguing over this does the opposite. 


I never write things to please anyone.  I write as I please.  I am sorry that I might have disappointed you for allowing you to see the real me as a normal human being.  The day I stop complaining maybe the day I truly believe in God.  It is so easy to complain and criticize; just like the media, it is so easy to broadcast the darkest side of the society.  Sometimes, complaining triggers my inspiration and my motive to write.  Anyway, I will continue to believe in what I do and you can believe what you want to; just like when you read the newspapers, you sometimes have to take it with a grain of salt especially with news from the Communist countries or countries with dictators. 


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