By now, you might have noticed the clock and the temperature displayed on my blog.  I thought that it would be interesting for you to get to know more about me, in addition to how much time that I have devoted to answering people’s questions, probably every waking and sleeping moment.


Right now, as we speak, it is 4:15 pm.  I am getting off from work.  By the way, I work from home on Fridays, so I can start work early and end it early.  Furthermore, I don’t have to take too much time off from taking the kids to the doctors’.  You know how it is with little children.  They are magnets to virus and bacteria.


Anyway, next time if you wonder why I haven’t answered your question, I may be trying to recoup from my sleep deprivation.  It is hard trying to force myself to stay awake and answer the questions.  Under that condition, my thought tends to get sluggish and my mind prone to error.  Just imagine how much I have taken on.  A mom of two little kids and a family to take care of.  This includes but not limited to cooking, cleaning the house and bathing the kids.  A full time project manager, managing several medium to large projects simultaneously.  A volunteer ESL tutor, though only once a month.  On top of all these, I also answer questions at Yahoo Knowledge, manage several Yahoo Knowledge Groups, provide comments to questions, as well as post articles and answer questions on my blogs.  Sometimes, I wonder if I am a superwoman. 


Recently, I have found someone manipulating the votes using sock puppetry on the question I answered.  I am getting that dreary sense again.  I cannot get the motivation to answer the questions as I am getting tired of all this.  I think that I will still post articles on my blogs.  I still get the fun out of writing and answering questions on my blogs.       


Oh, well.  I probably have complained enough.  I should stop complaining anymore.  I can always stop any time I want and take as long a rest as I want.  As for now, I am still here. 




NB:  A sock puppet (分身ID, 在投票表決中作重複投票) is an alternative account used for fraudulent, disruptive, or otherwise deceptive purposes.  Sock puppets might be used to give the impression of more support for a viewpoint than actually exists, in addition to double-voting.




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