These are the comments I provided to a question at Yahoo Knowledge.

(1) 越庖代俎, if in Chinese, it meant 越權, I would say "overstepping one's boundaries".


That's what I reported to my boss or complained about it at work when someone's taking over something that I was supposed to do, which was my role/responsibility.  You can see that I am not someone to be taken lightly.


For example:
Mary is overstepping her boundaries. I am the project manager, not her. Her role is a project lead.  I am the one who facilitates the meetings, not her.  If the project team has questions, they should come to me for resolution, not her.


This happens in big corporations too.  When roles are not clarified and defined, it is highly likely that there will be situation like this happening with people overstepping the boundaries.





(2) 牝雞司晨:  The Department of Education in Taiwan defines it as 婦奪夫權.   I would say "woman usurping the man's role of headship".


For example:

Mary is usurping a man's place. 

Mary is usurping the man's role of headship.


In the past, women should not usurp authority over the man.

In taking that lead, she usurped the authority of her husband.


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