“Get a life” 過你自己的生活 (美國嘲諷習慣用語)



While I was browsing questions at Yahoo Knowledge, I came across this idiom “Get a life”, which prompted me to write this article.  I was just as puzzled as I was writing the article about your motive.  Can you tell me your point of living in that world like there are no others, and your point of trying to get a title from Yahoo Knowledge that means nothing to others?  I see students failing behind in their schoolwork, trying to show off their “knowledge” at Yahoo Knowledge.  I see people using online translators to answer English translations that they have no clue of, going after the meaningless, worth-for-nothing title from Yahoo Knowledge.  I see people believing themselves to be almighty and above everyone, armed with those bogus titles.  Is it just to satisfy your own vanity or inflate your own egotism?



I am sorry.  I am not a modest person so all I will say is “Get a Life” to those of you who indulge yourselves all day long in answering questions at Yahoo Knowledge.



Get A Life!  Wake up and smell the fragrance of the roses. 


By the way, if you are interested in understanding when to use the idiom “get a life”, please see examples below.

過你自己的生活, 不要浪費時間在瑣事上

過你自己的生活, 去找工作, 不要賴在父母身邊

過你自己的生活, 不要一天到工作, 抽出寶貴時間來享受生活

過你自己的生活, 不要管閒事.


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