Does this freak you out when you open a webpage and you see your IP address and your location revealed right in front you with message stating that I am watching you?


I felt kind of weird when I saw that, wondering if someone is spying on me and if my personal information has been somehow revealed in the public where others can see all that information.  It turns out that this is merely a mirror image of you, which means that you are the only person who sees this information when this is displayed.  However, companies hosting the site do have the information as soon as you visited their sites.  Your IP address is broadcast to that site along with the location of your internet provider.  Your personal information will be detected and your online activities tracked. They will be able to build profiles on your Internet activities.  In addition, if you accidentally visited websites known for phishing and armed with spyware, you may inadvertently give out precious private information.  Pay extra caution as you browse online.   Always have your firewall, anti-virus and phishing reporting turned on. 


There are ways you can protect yourself other than the methods I mentioned above.  However, to prevent it from being misused, I would rather not discuss it.  Find it out yourself.


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