This was another poem which I wrote trying to follow the structure of a sonnet.  I still like it and want to share with you even though it did not trully rhyme with every line.  


For examples of my poems which follow the structure of Shakespeare's sonnet, please look at my article - Shakespeare Sonnet - 十四行詩說明和寫法



With love our weakness (is) exposed
The injuries that on us someone inflicts
Upon thy side I no longer (am) frightened
So long as mine love for thee never dies

By looking in thy eyes I see

That thy love in me burns with desires
I yearn for the touch from thee

But I know, that immediate pleasure will turn in great sorrows
I've never known the Destinies

But I know that eternity is in our love

Like nectars on flowers such joyous brings 
To my heart, sings sirens like Eve
In our love for each other, we bear no wrong 
Such is our scandalous love, to ourselves we belong 

thy = your
thee = you
mine = my


** 版權所有 - Elisa


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