This was a poem which I wrote trying to follow the structure of a sonnet.  I still like it and want to share with you even though it did not trully rhyme with every line.  


For examples of my poems which follow the structure of Shakespeare's sonnet, please look at my article - Shakespeare Sonnet - 十四行詩說明和寫法


Holding you in my arms,

Searching for something to go beyond,

I can always forget all miseries,

As you occupy my entire mind.

You are such a wonderful baby,
Brightening up the day of my life.

My life has never been so full of joy,

With you, I discover the meaning of love.

Now, I see a world so different,

With plenty of laughter and no sorrows.

This is the life I will never forget,

A life full of hope and happiness.  

To my ear, you softly utter.

You are the best mom I will always remember.


** 版權所有 - Elisa


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