I have been thinking constantly about how I can retire early, or how I can spend less time working and more time with my kids.  Initially, I thought maybe I can be a Chinese teacher teaching American kids Chinese.  Our elementary school offers Chinese immersion class and the school is very close to our house.  Since my son is going to Kindergarten this year, I thought maybe this would be a good opportunity to spend more time with him.  As I dug deeper into this, I found out that we have to substantially cut back on our spending and change our life style if I become a teacher.  I don’t think that I am ready for that yet.  Another option that I thought of is to become a freelance translator, keeping my current job but working as a freelancer during the weekend.  That doesn’t seem to be a good option either because I can hardly find time to answer some Yahoo questions, let alone doing it as a career.  I also thought of buying a foreclosure house, then rent it and wait for a couple of years to sell it when the house appreciates.  That also requires a lot of time to manage.  Lately, my colleague brought up another idea, stating that her neighbor earned quite a lot of money from some sponsors, writing articles in his blog.  I thought that maybe this is a workable plan.  I just have to come up with an idea of what I want to write in my blog that will attract people to visit.  Maybe, I can start translating some books and posting them on my blog, compiling some grammar rules, or writing some articles.  Maybe, I should just do it and not think too much.


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