I cannot recall for how long that I have stopped dreaming about exams.  That’s a good sign.  Looking back into my life, I had gone through numerous entrance exams such as entrance exam from elementary school to junior high school, from junior high school to senior high school, and from senior high school to college, as well as TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, and certification for CFA and PMP, not to mention the numerous prep exams for these major exams.


Was it a good thing or a bad thing?  I cannot tell.  However, one thing I do know is that it cannot prepare you to become a creative and innovative person, to be socially likeable, to be charming and having the charisma, to be politically correct, to differentiate right from wrong, to withstand hardship and frustration, and the list goes on.  I like the American Education System, in that it promotes creativity and independence.  It allows you to think on your own.  If you truly want to get a college degree, it does not set up a barrier of entry. However, it does set up an exit barrier, so you truly learn what was taught in school.  This way, you will encounter fewer obstacles as you are armed with knowledge, rather than a fake degree only.  It prepares you for the big world outside of school, as degree is really nothing if you cannot show to your employers what you are truly made up of.


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