I wrote this in my official blog.  I thought that it is interesting to share this with you.  Anyway, I just cannot stand narrow-minded people. 


In 認得幾個字 by 張大春, there was an email received by 張大春 from a reader. This is the content:
"I have a very urgent question that I would like to ask you. My son is10 month old and is getting to the stage of learning to babble. In an era where DDP is trying to get rid of anything associated with Chinese language, I am worried that my son's Chinese will become extremely poor. I know that you are very good at developing your kid's language skill, can you tell me, from now to the time that my son starts elementary school, the appropriate reading materials at the various learning stages? Thank you! A father who worries that his son will forget his root."

When I reas this, I was surprised at how narrow minded that father was.  Just because the DDP government introduced one more language (Taiwanese, or Hakka or the Aboriginal languages) to the elementary school once a week, this is going to ruin a child's future Chinese language development and eventually destroy the root of Chinese culture. For god's sake, Chinese is still taught every day and the most frequently taught subject among all. I am not seeing this father complaining that his son has to learn English language once a week and that is going to ruin his son's future Chinese language development. I just cannot imagine how ignorant that father is. In an era where every educator is promoting the importance of learning multi languages as it actually helps to improve little kid's comprehension skill and increase his/her learning ability, this father is trying to limit his kid's learning ability by restricting to learning Chinese only. This is just beyond me. In the United States , more and more families are trying to get the kids enrolled in learning more languages. More and more schools are offering more and more opportunities for little kids to learn different languages.  Language immersion classes are everywhere starting from kindergarten in the US , not to mention foreign languages classes.  And what is this father doing? His limited mind will eventually hinder his son's ability to learn. Be a good father and open your mind.


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