A little girl inside me

A poem written by Elisa English on 3/26/2010


There is a little girl inside me

Who would that be?

A little girl with no worries

Surrounded by fairies


She is kept out of harm’s way

Before her, shining days lay

A well paved future is in front of her

Something many others are dying for


All she needed to do is to study hard

Nothing’s more important in her regard

All her youth was buried in her studies

No birdies, no teddies, no melodies


Until one day she got all her degrees

She could finally feel the breeze

So began her own journey

And the master of her own destiny


Into a swan she transformed

On different stages she performed

Unleashing her passion for dance

Sparking a different kind of romance


She was then free of burden

Free to do anything forbidden

She sure had the time of her life, mesmerizing

the audience with moves ever so tantalizing


Someday, as Carmen she disguised

Seductive and flirting, dancing the flamenco

Someday, belly dancing she devised

Saucy and sexual, shimmying like a whacko


Someday, a tribal chief she was

Dancing to every beat of the drum, without a pause

Someday, she would join the River Dance

Tapping her feet with whatever stance


Be it modern or Jazz

She was always full of pizzazz

This was when she was still single

Unconstrained, like a beast in the jungle


Until a little boy formed inside her

She had the time of her life

The boy, hearing all the stir

Conspired with the doctor to get a knife


He could hardly wait for his turn

Pushing out to the world with no return

Oh, that little girl was bound again

This time for another 21 years of strain


** 版權所有 - Elisa English

*** Disclaimer:  The poem is partly fictional and partly real.  Some of the contents may be exaggerated. 


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