“In the bed”, “On the bed” or “In bed”? 

The differences are subtle. 


Use “in” when the area has metaphorical instead of actual boundaries.

Use “on” for Line and Surface, or Immediate Proximity

Use “the” to indicate something specific.


He will have to stay in bed all day today.

He likes to watch TV in bed.

He likes to lie on the bed reading.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

How many puppies are in the bed?


** I haven’t seen the usage of “on bed”. 


See http://free-english-study.com/grammar/prepositions-in-on-and-at.html
**For school, prison, and church, the is used to indicate the building. No article indicates the general situation **

Do not use if the destination implies the activity:
**We go to school (meaning to study).
We go to the school (meaning the place).
We go to bed (meaning to sleep). **

He listens more in school.
He teaches English in the school next to our house. (specific - the school next to our house)


For more information on prepositions of place, please see http://elisaenglish.pixnet.net/blog/post/1824020


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