It continues to snow with accumulation of 6 inches so far.  As much as 14 inches of snow could fall as snow storm continues into Tuesday morning.  The first reaction my son had seeing the snow this morning was a smile with a statement that winter was here forever.  I wondered if his birth in winter drove his love for the winter.


I decided to write this poem dedicating to my son for his love of the winter.  The picture was shot from our drive way today.




Winter Boy


Cheerful is your smile


Melting the falling snow


Far more than a mile


Is the love you bestow


On winter of this world




Seeing the snowfalls appear


Bursting out, you cheer


Never is winter going away


Forever is winter here to stay




A snow angel you are


To winter you belong                        


No longer is it bizarre


Destined you are all along


As a winter boy of the world


In a land with winter


Lasting nine months long.



** 版權所有 - Elisa English




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