A poem dedicating to my son and daughter.


This is not how she is built up for


On Thanksgiving Day,

my daughter was gay,

bringing home cards,

with her fond regards

to her Daddy

and her Granny.

However, I was heart broken

Being someone forsaken.


On Christmas Day,

my daughter was gay,

speaking of her love to none other,

but to her Father and her Mother,

This time, in her card,

she remembered her mother;

however, forgetting her brother.

My son had become a discard


My son feeling devastated,

and his heart afflicted,

that she had forgotten him,

and that she had no love for him.



What else can we ask for?

This is not how she is built up for.

She is so absentminded,

and needs to be constantly reminded.

It is not that she doesn’t love us all.

It is just that she cannot remember it all.


** 版權所有 - Elisa English


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