I accidentally stumbled upon someone's site, which happens to be someone I encountered in the past.  Bad memories rushed to my mind.  Maybe I won't be bothered this time since I have stopped providing corrections to people's usage of English and suggestions on translation at Yahoo Knowledge.        

However, I still feel the urge to write.   



A Phantom in the Past

Written by Elisa English

Today, I found a phantom from my past. 

A phantom who used to haunt me with all his might.

I never knew I would cross someone with my passion.

My passion in providing my understanding of the usage of English.

By pointing out the usage error, I have infuriated someone at last.

Someone with pride so high that condemning others is considered alright.

How did I come across someone with such grudge and desperation?

The desperation to prove his credibility so high that it becomes devilish.


**  Hopefully with just writing poems, I am not standing in the way of someone generating revenue. 

** 版權所有 – Elisa English


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