Pales by comparison (with something)

Pales in comparison (with something)


相形見絀, 小巫見大巫, 相形失色、瞠乎其後, 黯然失色

When I listened to your violin recital, I finally realized that my skill pales in comparison with yours.


小事一樁, 小巫見大巫

I thought that I had the worst luck imaginable but my experience pales in comparison with Jimmy’s.


我以為我的運氣是可以想像的最糟糕, 但我的經驗與吉米的相比簡直是小巫見大巫。

* A reader has asked me how I would translate this example that I provided.  So here it is, just to share with everyone.


Written By Elisa English

On 2/25/12 in Minneapolis


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