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A Fictional Story A Glimpse of the Past (Continued)

Written by Elisa English, all rights reserved

Started on 1/29/2011 in Minneapolis.

Edited on 2/6/2011, 2/12/2011, 2/18/2011 , 3/7/2011 & 4/18/2011 in Minneapolis.

Revised on 2/14/2012 in Minneapolis.


Chapter 5:  Carly

Carly sat there motionless, looking out the window, as though her soul had leapt out of her body, following the breeze and ruffling through the grass to the pond on the meadow where the shadowy willows whispered a sombre tune and inexplicable melancholy whispered in the twilight.   


“Carly.  Your teacher is here.”  Her mother’s voice broke through her daydream. 


All inspirations fled.


“Darn it.  Mama, how am I supposed to finish this novel when you keep interrupting my train of thought?”  


Oh well, she sighed, the ending, maybe another time.  






Written by Elisa English, all rights reserved.





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