Our school has a gifted program for exceptionally gifted kids starting in their 2nd grade (it used to be 3rd grade but changed to 2nd grade this year), whose IQ is above 145 and who scores in the 95th percentile or above on NWEAs over the last three testing sessions. Out of curiosity, we finally decided to attend the open house after two years of hearing the program, not that we think that our son is exceptionally gifted. Maybe our daughter meets the criteria more. Just kidding! We all like to think that our kids are genius.


Anyway, the program seems to be pretty unique as it is dedicated to addressing the unique cognitive, social and emotional needs that these kids especially require. Some of the students have ADHD and issues with social interaction. Most kids seem to show characteristics that set them apart from regular kids such as high sensitivity and the inability to socialize with people. My son seems to fit in the category of being highly sensitive, profoundly perfectionistic and perserverant in his areas of interest.


By the way, I remember that one time when we picked up our son after school, he was playing with two kids whom we have not seen before. He told us that they were both in the gifted program. He later told us that his classmate made a circling motion of the index finger at the side of her head when mentioning these kids. Kids can be pretty cruel. Even though these students get a chance to integrate with their peers during specials and at lunch and recess, they are somewhat isolated by other kids and seen as weirdos for their differences.


This is the link that talks about the gifted people and their problems.  A good example of the exceptionally gifted person that people like to talk about is Einstein.



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