Much Ado about Nothing


Free me from the prison of my jealous minds,

And remove me from any agitated emotion.

However charming in you she finds,

Stop there!  I am still the wife in motion.


Was she captivated by your charm,

Desperately grasping for your attention?

Did this qualify as a cause for alarm,

Something totally beyond my comprehension?


That nagging feeling, in my mind it lingers,

Eroding into my heart, with tension it fills.

So hard it is to put together my fingers,

As is the understanding of what she wills.


I feel perplex to stay in silence.

Am I truly a conversation killer?

I find it tiring to keep myself in balance.

Could this be nothing but a thriller?


Maybe it was all a storm in a teacup,

With her ignorance of my presence.

Maybe it was all my imagination blowing up.

I find emotions of which I have little cognizance.


As friends, I never thought of this fallacy,

The fallacy of getting too close, mixing in affectivity.

I found myself trapped in impediments of jealousy.

A jealousy originated from her insensitivity.



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** By the way, don't read too much into what I wrote.    It is a state of how I feel but limited more to the part of her insensitivity. 


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