I don’t eat much sweet but I do from time to time indulge myself in chocolate.  Not much, probably close to a dozen pieces of Dove chocolates a week.  That weights roughly 3.25 oz.  There are roughly 35 pieces in a bag, so I would go through them in probably 3 weeks.  I don’t always buy them and stack them in my office.  This way, I won’t eat more than I need to.  So, in a year, I would probably only go through 2-3 bags at most.


Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I would sometimes read the messages from the wrappers.  It is sometimes interesting to read, like the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” that I introduced to you earlier.  See http://elisaenglish.pixnet.net/blog/post/639623   


This time, I came across the phrase “break the molds and be extraordinary”.  So what exactly does that mean?


Break the molds

To do something different, away from the tradition and beyond the ordinary or conventional way.  打破傳統慣例, 嘗試新的做法


Mold = Prototype.  樣板


For example:


Breaking the molds, Picasso and Georges Braque created a new artistic movement called cubism. 



Another phrase that I would like to bring up is “push the envelope”.


Push the envelope

Push and exceed the limits of what is normally done or considered as an accepted standard



For example:

Teenagers constantly push the envelope of how early they can start driving.


On the show “Saturday Night Live”, some actors had pushed the envelope so far that it had become a personal attack rather than a mere joke.


The authority is pushing the envelope by raising the interest rates every two weeks.


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