My thought after reading the story of the start of the Make-A-Wish Foundation


My heart sank and I couldn’t stop crying as I read the story of how the Make-A-Wish Foundation started.  I was reading the visitor’s guide to get some ideas of what to do while we were vacationing in Phoenix.  I happened to come across a story about a seven-year-old Phoenix boy, Christopher Greicius, hospitalized with leukemia, who inspired the Make-A-Wish Foundation with his wish to become a police officer.  It was extremely sad and difficult for me to read stories like that since I am a mom with little children.  To imagine kids fighting for lives each day brings sorrow in my heart.    


I was happy that he was able to have some happiness, to enjoy being a police officer for just one day.  He died four days after his wish was granted.


It prompted me to think how little I have given in the past and how much difference we can make.  If we stop eating dim-sum once a week and eat at home, we could have saved ten dollars a week, which would total up to roughly $500 a year.  If I don’t eat the Japanese noodles for lunch and eat the cheap Chinese food instead, I could have saved another ten dollars a week, which would be another $500 save.  By changing our dining habits, we could save a thousand a year and that could be extra money which we can donate to Charity.  Other than changing our dining habits, I haven’t thought of other ways to cut corners yet.  I have already been coloring my own hair for the past few years, which have saved me $600 a year.  I have recently stopped going to salon to cut my hair.  However, that didn’t save me much money, only a save of $150 a year since I am only reducing the frequency of getting my hair cut from once a quarter to once a year.       


We do donate to Charities each year but I would like to give more if we can.  There are so many charities that we could support.  There are just too many disadvantaged people in this world with too little help.    


By changing the way we spend our money even by a little, we could bring more happiness to others.    


Written by Elisa English

On April 14, 2011 in Minneapolis. 


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