My two little silly geese - A poem by Elisa English

Written by Elisa English, 版權所

On 3/23/2011 in Minneapolis


My two little silly cuckoos

So naïve and without a clue

I should have known better

And stop getting so fluster


Though I had a little doubt

Listening to their shout

I just can’t help

As I hear the yelp


How often do you see a wolf?

This is serious matter to resolve

With a camera, I headed out

Trying to find its whereabouts


Looking near and far

Nothing seemed bizarre

A heavy blanket of snow

Was all I could see though


As I took a pause

At the prints of the paws

The image of coyote

Flashed before me


It seems so quick to confuse

Something that’s easy to bemuse

A coyote’s howl

With a wolf’s growl


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