I recently realized what “Black Friday Sales” meant.  It is actually “after Thanksgiving Sales”.  The reason that the day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” is that the retails will break even on that day of the year, and any proceeds after that are considered profits. 


I have never been to a Black Friday Sales event.  It sounds absurd to wait in lines before the sun comes out.  I told my husband that I was pondering with the idea if I should wake up early and follow the crazy crowd to join the Sales events.  Some stores open as early as 3am.  My husband said that all I have to do is not go to sleep instead.  It is so funny.  As you might have noticed that I sometimes go to sleep after 2am during weekdays and might go to sleep as late as after 4am during weekends.  As we speak, it has now past midnight.   


Anyway, I will let you know if I will stay up for the event or …..  We still have one more day.  For now, I have to think of where we are going to eat on Thanksgiving.  Should we get a traditional Thanksgiving brunch or a regular Chinese meal?  I should check out some downtown restaurants and see if they are open.  I hope that some skyways will be open, so my kids get to see some of the decorated Christmas trees.  Maybe we should pick a restaurant and bowling lounge.  Time is running out.  I have to bug out.      


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