I am really puzzled. 


Is Taiwan a country? 

Based on the notion of KMT, it is not.  It is a province of China.   


Can Taiwan have a president?

Based on the notion that Taiwan is not a country, it cannot have a president.  This proves why Ma does not act like a president because he never thinks of himself as a president.  Not only is he not capable of being one, he is not willing to be one.  To avoid intimidating China, Ma asked his people to call him “District Head Ma” rather than “President Ma”. 


Why did Ma run for the presidential election?

This really puzzles me.  If he does not think of Taiwan as a country, why did he run for the president of Taiwan?


Do you think of Taiwan (or so called R.O.C) as a country?

If you do, why did you elect Ma who thinks of Taiwan as a province of China and himself as a district head? 


The last question is what puzzles me the most.  I am really confused.  Why would you elect Ma who is a puppet of China to be a president of Taiwan? Maybe you do think of Taiwan as a province of China and the election is nothing but a camouflage to reunite with Communist China.  As 郭冠英, the holocaust denier, once said,  「台灣只是中國叛離的一省,那來『主權』?其實根本沒有台灣這個東西,她不是省,自廢了,更不是國,只是個鬼島,如李敖所言。」


I am glad that I don’t live in Taiwan.  A country, which was moving towards democracy, is now moving towards Communism.  A country, which used to treat Taiwanese with some dignity, is now treating them as second class citizens as people like 郭冠英 would gladly see. 


I am glad that I don’t live in Taiwan, so I can still maintain my health.  I can still have my privacy, and my freedom to speak and write.  I don’t have to get mad and frustrated everyday, living under an incompetent government.  I don’t have to worry of getting killed by incompetency.  I don’t have to fear one day I might get killed because of my religion.  I don’t have to fear one day I might get arrested because of my criticism towards an incompetent government.    


However, I am sad that I feel ashamed to be associated with any Taiwanese who supports what Ma and his government have done, pushing Taiwan away from democracy, intimidated by Dalai Lama’s visit and banning Rebiya Kadeer from entry. 



I was once so proud of Taiwan, a country we called Formosa.


Every day, I pray for my families in Taiwan.  I cannot persuade you to come to live with us because of your strong love towards Taiwan.  I don’t know how long Taiwan can remain as a free country, free from the invasion of China, free from the threat of China, free from the fear of living under Communism.  I am worried of the limited power of some to fight against the injustice set upon Taiwan by the incompetent government and the eagerness of the Ma government to join force with Communist China.  I am so pessimistic because I don’t know how many others share the same value as you and I.  Do we have the power to maneuver the damage that Ma set upon Taiwan?  Are the Taiwanese willing to fight against his conspiracy to push Taiwan towards Communism?  Will I still be able to visit Taiwan as I used to?  Will Taiwan still remain a country that I will be proud of to tell my children the origins of their parents?    


I am sad to read what was stated in the article of "A Spineless President, A Spineless Citizenry" http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2009/11/14/2003458390.  Was what Peng stated a true statement that Taiwan’s youth are addicted to the Internet or night clubs and idolize stars and models, with no concern about the predicament facing their free society?  Will the first falling leaf trully herald the autumn?  Are the Taiwanese so numb as to hand over their fate to Ma and their sovereignty over to China?  Are you prepared to follow the fate of Tibetans?  Do you have to wait until freedom is lost to realize its preciousness?


I am not Rebiya and can never be one.  Her courage is one that I greatly admire.


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