***6/13/2010:  I was reading some of my older blogs and found this poll I created.  It didn't work at that time.  Now I have fixed it, so if you are still interested in voting, please cast your vote.  It is just for fun and for my understanding of why you visit my blog.  By the way, you can select multiple choices and leave me comments too.  Thanks!


I find something interesting today, so I thought to give it a try.  It is a website that allows you to create polls in your blog.  I cannot think of any interesting poll question at this moment, so please bear with me and my lousy question while I try out this gizmo. 

Please cast your vote so I can see if it works. 

Which area(s) do you like to read the most in my blog?
Vocabulary, Idioms
Word Usage
pollcode.com free polls


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