There are several ways of saying "高票當選", "高票獲勝".  It depends on where it is used.  Below are the different translations and where they are used.



(the) highest (number of) votes.




Nokia 公司能高票當選。

Wish (that) Nokia be chosen with highest votes.

Wish that the Nokia Company be chosen with highest number of votes.




Nokia 公司能高票當選, Vodafone 擴大3G (WCDMA) 無線通訊網絡

Wish Nokia be chosen with highest votes to expand the 3G (WCDMA) radio-access network for Vodafone.



Nokia 公司能高票當選年度最動電話供應商

Wish Nokia win the title of the Best Cellular Phone Provider of the year with highest votes.



Nokia 公司能高票獲勝。

Wish Nokia win the victory with highest votes.




** The statement below only refers to political election. (政治選舉)


Smith 能高票當選。

Wish Smith win the election with highest votes.


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