Two jackpots in a row


Wow!  Two jackpots in a row.  It does seem like it.  As an incentive to the employees to contribute to the 2009 giving campaign, our department set aside some prizes for the drawings.  I happened to win two prizes; one, a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card, another, a pair of handmade earrings.  It makes me feel a little bit better after discovering that I goofed up in my FSA.  I am probably on the road to lucky land.  Maybe, I will be able to win a lottery to cover my lost money. 

By the way, what I am really going to get to wasn’t about my luck but about the snow we get recently.  It was really early to have snow at this time of the year and to have two in a row, last Friday night and today!  We woke up to a snowy morning today.  The snow didn’t stop until around 3pm this afternoon.  The snow was wet and the temperature wasn’t cold enough to prevent it from melting.  However, we were still able to make a snowman out of it when we got home this afternoon. 


These are the pictures I took this morning.  My feet were freezing, as I was barefooted, taking the pictures.  You will have to bear with the quality of the pictures.


049.JPG      051.JPG   




These are the pictures I took this afternoon.  Our kids were rolling snowballs into a snowman.  What an ingenious and fast method.  I have been trying in vain in the past to build a snowman.  Now, I know the trick.  I will give it a try next time.

060.JPG   073 copy.jpg  

076.JPG   copy of 075.jpg  

077.JPG   080.JPG 


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