Wow.  It snowed last night.  So, October 9, 2009 marked the first snow of this coming winter in Minnesota.  The snow wasn’t much, just enough to cover the entire ground.  I don't know if this is the earliest record of snow in Minnesota winter.   However, I do know that in Boise, Idaho, this is the earliest measurable snowfall since recordkeeping began in 1898.  1.7 inches of snow had fallen and winds across southwestern Idaho will gust up to 55 mph today.  Can you imagine a wind that strong? 

Oh, I just found out that the earliest measurable snowfall in Minnesota was 0.3 inches in International Falls, Minnesota on September, 14, 1964.

Anyway, our kids are really excited and they cannot wait to go out and taste the snow.  Did I say “taste”?  Yes, they do eat snow.  I told them that they could not lick anything off the ground but if they wanted to stick their tongues out, I really couldn't do much about it.  Since the snow does not touch the ground, I suppose that it is somewhat clean. 


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