How did “Lady Gaga” come up in our dinner conversation, whose existence I know nothing of until I read the Yahoo news lately about Seinfeld’s complaint to the Mets of rewarding Lady Gaga for her obscenities with Seinfeld’s paid private suite?  I am sorry for my ignorance as I do not watch soap operas nor have I any interest in the publicity stunts.  I do, however, watch Seinfeld, so the news caught my attention.  Now, I know that Lady Gaga sings and behaves somewhat like Madonna or any pop singer, living a life of depravity. 


So, how did “Lady Gaga” come up in our dinner conversation?  One day, as I was busying preparing fruits for our kids to eat after dinner, my son blurted out “Lady Gaga”, followed by my daughter’s laughter.  You can imagine my astonishment.  I asked them how they knew Lady Gaga and who she was.  My son told me that she danced on stage.  Apparently, some of their friends did watch her dance on TV.  They were just amused by her name “Gaga” and that was the end of the conversation.  You know how kids are, easily amused.  I am glad that they didn’t know how she looks like or what she does outside of dancing and singing.    


Written By Elisa English, 版權所有

On 8/30/10 in Minneapolis



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