Many of you might have a blog at Yahoo and wonder how you can move to another blog service provider.  I would like to share my experience with you.   

Initially, I was pondering whether to move my blog to Blogspot or Wordpress.  I was told that there is not a way to directly move all my blog entries from Yahoo to either one.   I will have to do it via Pixnet.  This is how it is done.

First, you have to open a pixnet blog account. 

Second, contact Pixnet’s customer service to move your files from Yahoo to Pixnet.  Instruction is provided at this link.

The move is really smooth and quick.  In no time, my files were copied to my pixnet blog account.   The only thing that pixnet cannot make a copy are the messages left on the message board.  By the way, the move to Pixnet will not close your Yahoo blog account nor empty the articles on your Yahoo blog. 

Now, the first half of the move is complete.  Right after my move to Pixnet, I did make a copy of all my files and transferred them to Blogspot as a backup.  I don’t know if I would eventually move to Blogspot/Wordpress or not, since I am quite happy with the blog functionality I see at Pixnet.  Maybe, I will settle here for good.

Here are the instructions for the move to either Blogspot or Wordpress from Pixnet.

To Blogspot:

(1) You need to save a backup file from pixnet in the MT file format

(2) Then download blogtran to transform the data from MT format to XML format 

(3) Last, log into Blogspot and transfer the files

To Wordpress (free):

To Wordpress (paid):


Here is the information I adopted from for the move:


Here are some analyses of the pros and cons between Blogspot and Wordpress:


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