Are we friends?


Have you thought of contacting your classmates, those whom you were not close to and have never kept in touch with since graduation?  Sometimes, I wondered why people wanted to link up with classmates from senior high school, secondary high school or even primary school.  I am not talking about classmates you were close to.  I am talking about those who were almost strangers then and are total strangers now.  Would you respond to emails from seemingly total strangers?  Would you spill your personal life to total strangers?  Would you have any urge to meet these total strangers?  Would you if you have little to no recollection of the days at school?  Would you if there is nothing to look back and reminisce?  Would you if you couldn’t even name or recognize the faces of these so-called classmates?  Would you if there is nothing in common that you share?  How much do they know you when you are a complete stranger to the old you?  People change.  We are not the naïve little kids anymore.  I have changed.  Why do you want to get reacquainted with me when we barely knew each other then?   

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