Is it Truly Over?


Finally it is over.  After 20 days of crippling political deadlock over a projected $5 billion deficit, the longest government shutdown in recent US history has come to an end.  As a Minnesota taxpayer, I am extremely displeased with Dayton’s decision for the shut down considering the cost.  Minnesota lost millions of dollars in revenue and got saddled with millions in new expenses over the past few weeks with the widespread state government shutdown.  In revenue, the state was estimated to lose $1.25 million per day from lost lottery sales, $50,000 per week on MnPass collections from the motorists who used express lanes to beat the traffic, and $200,000 a day of state park revenue from 90,000 potential state park campers and visitors daily.  In addition, the Giants Ridge golf resort was estimated with a loss of $80,000 for the first week of shutdown.  In expense, an estimated $13 million a week of unemployment benefits were given to roughly 22,000 freshly laid-off state employees who were entitled to collect 50 percent of their pay while not working. More significant was the interruption in highway construction with more than 100 road projects shut down by MnDOT in the middle of the construction season. 

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