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This is my attempt to translate another poem from 李煜. To read more of my poems and translations, please go to http://elisaenglish.pixnet.net/blog/post/4653506. Aided by the reference below, I tried to portray the essence of the poem based on their interpretation.  This is not a word-for-word translation, but rather an attempt to capture the essence of the original verse as much as I can.  My translation of this verse is based on my limited understanding of the Chinese language and my limited ability to write poems in English. 



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Formosa, My Love

A poem written by Elisa English on 3/28/2010


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混水摸魚 <to fish in troubled waters> 

= try to take advantage of a confused situation

For example:

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A little girl inside me

A poem written by Elisa English on 3/26/2010


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Is Winter Going Away? 

A poem written by Elisa English on 3/24/2010


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Communication is an art, not easily mastered.  No two people are molded the same.  We all come from different background, armed with different experience, share different value and beliefs and perceive the world differently.  Often, we think like the frogs from the well, trapped inside the box of our own.  We each carry our own set of filters through which we see the world.  This is where misinterpretation and misunderstanding arise.  While it is impossible to reverse our perception, try to control your temptation to be presumptuous.


There was an interesting episode in our household on how we perceive things.  When my daughter was in the restroom last night, she told us that there was the sound of ghost.  We were puzzled by that.  Then she said “Boo”.  I still couldn’t understand it.  Do you know what she meant?  To see the answer, please move your mouse to the white space next to this sentence.  “Poo” sounds like “Boo”, which is the sound of the ghost.  Now you know what my daughter was doing inside the bathroom.  Another example is the poem I wrote about the leprechaun house.  http://elisaenglish.pixnet.net/blog/post/4743928   

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What constitutes good writing? 

There are good writing and bad writing.  There are all kinds of writers, each with specific writing style.  However, before you become a famous writer, try to stick to the basic rules.

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Parenting is tough.  I am always grateful that I am blessed with two smart, kind and healthy kids, a boy and a girl with distinctive personalities.


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I have never heard of a Mongolian Spot or seen one until my son was born.  If you know what a Mongolian Spot looks like and if you live in the US, you will share the same worries as I.  I was somewhat paranoid but with a very good reason.  Whenever I saw my son’s shirt moved up during the play and revealed some part of his skin around his waist, I would quickly reach over his shirt and try to pull it down to cover up his skin.  My reaction might be seen suspicious by some.  Can you blame me if you know how protective the Americans are on child welfare? 


I like swimming and it is the only exercise we, as a family, do consistently weeks after weeks and years after years, be it rain or shine.  Though we have been to the swimming pool a lot, I am still not used to the wary looks from others.  Sometimes, I wonder if a policeman will show up.  How lucky we have been without being confronted by any! 

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A poetic foot is a basic unit of measure in poetry, with repeated sequence of meter, containing 2 or 3 stressed or unstressed syllables.  Meter is the rhythm of a poem.

These are the different types of meters:


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My Scattered Mind – A poem by Elisa English

Written on 3/16/2010


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I am such a genius.  Alright, I am not really one.  I am just impressed with myself because I just saved $128.74.  In this economy, a penny saved is more than a penny earned. 


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Truly, what’s in a name? 

In Shakespeare’s play: Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene ii

Juliet said:

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I like Kevin’s translation of the lyric: 夢醒時分 <作詞:李宗盛 作曲:李宗盛>, so I asked his permission to repost his translation here to share with my readers.  Thanks for his graciousness to allow me to post his translation on my blog.


This is the link to his translation originally posted on yahoo knowledge.   http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qid=1010020407851

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What does a tenfold increase or increase tenfold mean?


Does the suffix “-fold” refer to powers or multiples?

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If you live in the US, you should be receiving 2010 US Census Form shortly.  As an advocate for our TAAMN (Taiwanese American Association in Minnesota), I would like to urge you to write down “TAIWANESE” in item #9 on the 2010 US Census form. 


These are some interesting statistics provided by the Taiwanese American Heritage Week. 

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A heroic act?  Don’t be a blind follower!

Oh my god!  I can’t believe that someone can even think of this as a heroic act.  I can’t believe that Joe Stack’s daughter would call him a hero.  I can’t believe that there are people in support of Joe Stack’s act. 

So, who is Joe Stack?  Joe Stack is a software engineer, with an airplane and a house worth almost $300,000 dollars, who owned a software development firm and once falsely claimed his house as a church in California and attracted auditors by lying about his income.  On February 18, 2010, he flew a small plane into an Austin building housing an IRS office with nearly 200 IRS workers in an attempt to blame the government for his failure in life.     

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