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Many of you might have a blog at Yahoo and wonder how you can move to another blog service provider.  I would like to share my experience with you.   

Initially, I was pondering whether to move my blog to Blogspot or Wordpress.  I was told that there is not a way to directly move all my blog entries from Yahoo to either one.   I will have to do it via Pixnet.  This is how it is done.

First, you have to open a pixnet blog account. 

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A simple complete sentence consists of a subject and a predicate.

A fragment sentence is an incomplete sentence, which lacks a predicate, a subject, or both a subject and a predicate.  It is a section of a sentence and has no meaning when standing alone; for example, a subordinate or dependent clause.


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My daughter is a chatterbox.  There is not a moment of silence with her at your side.  It is so funny watching the two opposite personalities of my kids.  My son keeps the motto “silence is gold” dear to his heart.  

----- To be continued ----

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Immersion Program – A potential solution to solve the problem within Taiwan’s English educational system.


Immersion program is not a new concept.  It has been around for thousands of years as a way for us to learn native language.  Years of research have shown the power of immersion programs to aid students in attaining high levels of second language proficiency.  No other type of instruction, short of living in a second-language environment, is as successful.

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I came across the link to this film on someone's profile at yahoo knowledge in Taiwan.  It is a short film but it is sad to watch.  We should always be thankful of how fortunate we are and give a helping hand to the less fortunate ones. 



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What do you think?跟 How do you think?

(1) What is usually used interrogatively as a request for specific information, about the character, occupation, etc., of a person, the origin, identity, etc., of something, the worth, usefulness, force, or importance of something.

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Reading a book over 1,000 pages is not easy, let alone writing a book review about it, especially that it is a well known classic.


I have dreaded to write a book review for this book as I do not know how to gather all my thoughts together and to capture the essence of the book.  I am constantly flooded with emotions.  Anyway, instead of calling it a book review, I will just write about my thought of the book. 

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Alright!  I really cannot imagine that there is such a person.  When he indicated that the translations we provided were all a bunch of jokes.  I asked him to provide us suggestions for improvements and also to provide his version of the translation.  When he finally produced one, I pointed out the similarity between his translation and mine.  He was not happy about that and started reporting all my answers to be deleted.  Oh, well.  I really couldn't care less.  Next, he employed a bunch of fake accounts, trying to manipulate the outcome of the results on the questions I answered.  I really can't do much about that either.  I do not have time to play games with this type of person.  And now, he is here criticizing the articles I wrote.  I am sorry to say that I do live in America and received education in America.  I am surrounded by Americans and have lots of highly educated American friends and colleaques.  I told them about my blog and they visit it from time to time,  proofread my articles and also provide suggestions.  To insinuate that my writing is inappropriate, my grammar is incorrect and just criticize me without any ground is just so unfounded.  Don't pretend to be a columnist, I know who you are.  I am sad for you that your life spins around me.

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A secret


This is a secret only known by my husband and my kids.  Now I am letting the cat out of the bag.  I have worn a body shaper for 6 weeks and have reduced 6 pounds of weight.  Maybe to some, reducing a pound a week isn’t that big a news, but to me, I am very satisfied.  I did not purposely go on diet.  What I did was wearing a body shaper.  The purpose of that was to allow me to fit in some of my older pants and to spare me the headache of finding new ones.  The results were more than I had bargained for, a better posture and reduced weight. 

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People have been asking me how to improve conversational skill.  The reason I see for not able to continue a conversation or engage in a conversation is the lack of vocabulary and knowledge of the subject in discussion.


If you have limited vocabulary, you might struggle with words for expressions.  If you know very little of the subject in discussion, you might have trouble jumping right into the subject and providing your point of view.  To conquer both issues and improve your conversational skill, you need to read more. 

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I have decided to rewrite this article and summarized my comments here so it is easier for people to see my point of view.  There is not always one answer and one way of writing.  Any language being spoken is alive and will evolve.  The grammar rules will change and the exceptions will become norm.


Here are my explanation and supporting documents from grammars taught in American universities, papers written by American professors, articles posted by American writers, and etc. 

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*Translated by Elisa on 9/18/09- 版權所有*

聽我把春水叫寒, 看我把綠葉催.
Listen to my shrill, bringing forth the chill in spring

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Which vs. Where:

1. I like to go to a park which is very quiet 這裡的which是不是可以換成where?

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a heavy touch (heavy: adj.  touch: n.)

 (1) 濃厚的(強烈的)…手法(做事方式) 

There is a heavy touch of American movie making in this film.

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If I have time and if I understand the entire meaning of the song, I will try to translate the entire verse.  This is it for now.

By the way, I try to do it in a way that it sounds more like a song or a poem to keep the beauty of the original song.  Because of the style I chose, it limits me to fully translate the entire meaning of the song.  These are my translations for your reference.  Hope that you will like it.


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So what is 外交休兵 or 活路外交?  To accurately translate what they would mean.  I search online and these are my translation based on what I found. 


(A) 活路外交

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Sorry for the request.  Even though I don't know the people who visit my blog or those who leave messages to me, I would still like to ask that you use the same nickname that you used when visiting my previous blog at Yahoo.  Since I do not restrict who can leave messages on my blog,  and you can come up with any nickname you like, I do ask that you use the same nickname on my blog all the time to prevent any confusion that I might have.  This way, it helps me to track who you are and what questions you have asked in the past. 

By the way, I do know that 老爹 is James, so you are excused.    However, I don't know if pet2003 is also you or not.  If it is you, please pick one nickname and use it all the time.  Thanks!   

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While I was reading an interesting thread of “Is the Chinese Language dead?”, I came across some interesting words and I would like to share them with you.


Facetious = not meant to be taken seriously; amusing; humorous; bantering; 詼諧的; 滑稽的; 風趣的; 開玩笑的 

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Just for fun.  This is a question I came across at Yahoo Knowledge since there are people watching my answers everyday, trying to report them to be removed, I have given up answering questions with vague subject lines.  Instead, I am providing my translation here and only comments for the question.



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