Hunting Crabby


On our first morning at Fort Lauderdale, my daughter woke up asking for her daddy.  I told her that he had left for work.  She was pretty upset and kept crying for her daddy.  We always have hard time trying to make her understand that she doesn’t always get what she needs and at the exact moment that she needs it.  Anyway, I was at my wit’s end.  In an attempt to distract her from crying, I asked if she wanted to go crabby hunting and cook it.  She liked the idea of cooking with me.  Occasionally, I would ask her to help me cook to sway her from attempting to get her daddy’s total attention on her when he is working with my son on the homework. 


To the beach we headed for our first crabby hunting.  Several times on the beach she asked me where the crabby was.  I tried to distract her with the seashells.  So went the first day.  Each day, she would nag me for the crabby.  She is such a determined girl.  She never forgets.  I probably shouldn’t have said that.  Where could I find a crab on the beach?


She had a wonderful time on the beach, building sand castles, burying herself in sand, jumping into the ocean, and picking seashells.  Everything was perfect, the weather, the sunshine, the ocean and the sand.  The sand isn’t white but it is soft and smooth.  I like the beach here better than New Port Beach that we frequented in Orange County, California.  The sand on New Port Beach is rough and always hurts my feet.  It could have been more tranquil on Fort Lauderdale Beach except that my daughter still remembered the crabby I mentioned and kept on nagging me.


I am glad that there was a happy ending to the story.  While my son was digging the sand to bury himself, he found a tiny crabby shell.  My daughter was ecstatic upon seeing it and wanted to cook it right away.  I told her that it was already cooked by the sun.  Luckily, she didn’t insist on cooking.  I couldn’t imagine where I could find a kitchen for her to cook it. 


If you are interested in seeing the crabby we found, you can find it in the album named “Fort Lauderdale”.     



Written By Elisa English

On 6/1/10 in Minneapolis

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