An Alphabet Poem by Elisa English

Written by Elisa English on 5/21/10

As if in a dream

Between asleep and awake

Captivating it might seem

Disconsolation it cannot fake


Enchanted the place may be

Fallacy is all I see

Gruesome the day is without you

How can this be all but déjà vu?


I dream of the days

Just you and me always

Kingdom I care not

Love means a whole lot


Melody is all I hear

Nothing can be so clear

Ostentation won’t fool me

Passion is what I see in thee


Quiver with excitement I can’t stop

Radiant beauty in you shining through

So illuminating nothing can top

Tamed I am completely by you


Utopia is where you are

Vexed as I am, it will never end

Waiting perpetually, I cannot stand 

Xylophone melodies travel near and far


Yearning for you grows even more

Zen Master is probably who I should ask for


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