Let the secret be told - – A poem written by Elisa English on 5/05/10  (Just for fun)


When is a secret not a secret?

If I tell you a secret,

would it still be a secret?

I wonder.  When is a secret not a secret?


You told me a secret,

and asked me to keep it a secret.

Are you asking too much of me?

Are you thinking too highly of me?


How can I keep it a secret

when no longer it is a secret?


Will a secret remain a secret

when told to another being?

How can you get so aggravated

for my mimicking of what you did?


I will ask him to keep it a secret

exactly like you demonstrate


Please don't be mad at me

for the action I follow thee.



** 版權所有 – Elisa English 

 ***  This poem is written to point out the burden of trust.  If your friend reveals his secret with you, is he unfairly asking you to shoulder the burden of the trust?  Anyway, it is just a thought. 

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