To tell or not to tell – A poem written by Elisa English on 5/04/10  (An afterthought about morality) 

To tell or not to tell, I wonder

So much at stake to founder

This is such a delicate issue

So easy it is to misconstrue


The truth you reveal

The secret you conceal

You can win no way

You are doomed either way


How much should you tell?

And how much should you leave it in hell?

Should you go the right way?

Or should you fall into decay?


The best solution would be

To live in a world of your own

This way you will be free

and be able to atone


You will see no sin

Nor secret hidden within

You are in a world all alone

Answering to no one but your own


** 版權所有 – Elisa English 


***  This poem is written to point out the dilemma of revealing a secret vs. concealing a secret.  Should you keep this dark secret that you found and should you pretend that you didn’t know?  Should you reveal the secret and how much should you tell?  What is the consequence of telling and what is the burden of not telling?  It is all so complicated.  That’s why I said that it would be best to live in a world of your own.  That way no secret will be known to you and you will not be blamed for meddling with others’ business or for minding your own business.      


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