This is getting more and more interesting.  I got this note from Yahoo Management today.   

需叮嚀 Elisa 與各位分類管理員一點, 當各位掛上「XX分類管理員」的職稱時, 代表的就是 Yahoo! 奇摩知識+ ,對於 Yahoo! 奇摩知識+  有任何的意見與問題, 都可在此家族發表討論,或私下寄信給我,

任何在個人部落格、網誌等內容中公開謾罵或攻擊 Yahoo!奇摩 的行為都是不恰當的, 此舉不但有傷分類管理員的專業權威,更嚴重傷害 Yahoo!奇摩知識+ 的聲譽, 希望各位在發表任何文章前,都能夠三思而後行。


I was really surprised to receive this response from Yahoo Management.  Did I 公開謾罵或攻擊 Yahoo!奇摩?


Oh well, this whole incident just blew me off and made me want to laugh.  I told her that I decline to continue to serve as an English 分類管理員 as I can NO LONGER stand such UNFOUNDED ACCUSATION with insinuations like 公開謾罵或攻擊 Yahoo!奇摩 的行為.  Every article I wrote did not 公開謾罵或攻擊 Yahoo! I stated the facts and the suggestions that I provided to Yahoo Management. I do have the freedom of speech as long as I did not viciously attack anyone else. Nobody can stop me from writing what I see as the problems and what improvements could be made.  Just like nobody can force me not to make comments if I see someone providing inaccurate answers. Am I living in a whole different world?  I don't believe that Taiwan is governed under communism or dictatorship.

Oh well.
I am glad that I don't have to bear the HEAVY responsibility of being a 分類管理員 to constantly watch over any inappropriate behavior that I might have conducted in damaging Yahoo Knowledge's reputation

By the way, I do keep all copies including all the notes I sent and the responses I received, just in case of future litigation as a protection to myself. This comes from 18 years working with our corporate attorneys. 




By the way, I am sorry that you have to watch all these episodes.  But then life never really gets dull, right?  I wondered if I attract drama or create drama.     

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