Unfortunately, the way the system works now, only the multi-kabillionaires with strong backing can even get on the ticket, much less win.



kabillion (noun) : one thousand billion 千兆 (非常龐大的數目)

He has a kabillion dollars.


Multi –




kabillionaire (n) 千兆富翁, 大富豪

Somebody whose wealth is greater than one thousand billion dollars, or the local currency.

Multi-kabillionaire (n) 數千兆富翁, 大富豪


** This is about political election.

It means:
在現行的選舉制度下, 只有有堅強(財力)後盾的大富豪,勉強才進得入候選人名單,更不用說想要獲勝

You need to have strong financial backings to be able to run for election. Most candidates such as Al Gore, George Bush, are all pretty wealthy people.  It costs money to run the election campaigns, and to win the race, you need to have strong financial backings to last the campaign.


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