So Yahoo Management asked me to 打開知識檔案,避免因檔案關閉造成網友對分類管理員的不滿.  Do I care?

Give me a reason, so I said to Yahoo Management.  Give me a reason why I should
打開知識檔案 when people are filtering through all my answers trying to delete all of them, even the ones not violating the rules were deleted and being cited for violation. Give me a reason why I should 打開知識檔案 if the customer reps cannot truly review the accuracy of the abuse reports. Give me a reason why I should stay as an English 分類管理員.  I didn’t ask for it.  Give me a reason to continue this type of no-pay, unappreciated volunteering work.  I don't work for Yahoo. I am using my precious limited spare time providing my knowledge to the Taiwanese people.  


Do whatever you desire.  I couldn't care less.    

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