Sorry, I like to use dramatic phrase.  Anyway, the person that reported the questions I answered to be removed, not only going after the questions but also my answers.  I think that he/she must be on a vengeance to get me ousted by Yahoo Knowledge.


Please see below for the notice I received from Yahoo Management.  It is kind of interesting to receive this type of notice.  I am surprised that the answer I provided was not what the asker was asking for.  He asked for the name of the birds from A to Z and I provided the link to the website with exactly that information.


Whatever!  I have had too much of this nonsense happened to me and couldn’t care less. 


By the way, just so you don’t misunderstand what I meant.  I couldn’t care less means I don’t care at all as it is impossible for me to care less.  Why care about it when there is nothing I can do about it.  Why care about it when this is not your whole world.  Why care about it when you still have other avenues to show your passion in teaching your fellow Taiwanese.  Why care about it when your sole purpose in answering the questions is to provide accurate grammar and English usage as much as possible and you can do the same on your blogs.  Yes, there are so many reasons for me to not care about the whole incidents. 


However, I am still going to disable the ability for others to view my Yahoo answers at the moment until I post all my answers here.  (Luckily I kept all my answers!  In addition, Yahoo Management is very slow in dealing with the abuse reports, so most of my answers are still out there undeleted yet.  I wondered how many abuse reports they get in a day.  It would be interesting to see how many of my answers still remain after this massive "massacre" )  That will be a long and tedious process but my passion in sharing what I know to my fellow Taiwanese will keep me going. 


By the way, I am a very strong will person.  I need to be like that to survive in this dogs eat dogs world.  It isn’t easy working in Corporate America and being a project manager.  The success of a project rests on your shoulder.  You are the one who bear the final responsibility of a project.  You need to be able to manage the entire project team and bear any fault committed by your team.  You need to be able to face the executive team to inform them of bad news and consequences.  So, I am sorry to tell the one who reported my answers to be removed that it would be really hard to get to me.  Whatever satisfaction you get out of this exerts no impact on me.  It may be somewhat of a nuisance to me, but that's all there is.  And I am finding this more and more amusing each day. 




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解答違規 - A ~ Z 開頭的鳥類









This is the website that contains all types of birds with alphabetical order. 

You will not find anything more complete than this.




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