It is not an easy task considering the limited spare time I have, spreading among answering Yahoo questions, posting articles on my blog, answering questions from my blog fans, and so on (family life, social life, volunteer work and translation hobby, etc.) 


You might wonder what the uneasy task is.  The task is to post all my answers at Yahoo Knowledge over here.  If you ask me why, it is prompted by a recent incident which pushed my answers up on the spotlight by someone in a rampage trying to get to me in reporting the majority of my answers to Yahoo Management for removal. 


By the way, the task to post all my answers at Yahoo Knowledge isn’t that easy.  Even though I have every copy of them, I cannot just copy and paste all of them over here.  Some of the questions asked in Yahoo Knowledge are too specific and might not be that beneficial to everyone.  I need to sort through all my files and rewrite them so everyone can get the most benefit out of it.


Now, I think that I may need more than 24 hours a day or to have superpower. 

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