Every now and then, I would sound like a broken record, complaining about the questions that I answered being removed.  It is getting old and I hate talking about it.  I should stop after this incidence. 


I am most impressed with people’s devotion in going through my answers and reported them to be removed.  Though, my husband thought that it wouldn’t take too much of their time since all they did was reading the subject line of the questions, selected it and hit abuse report.  It will take less than three seconds to report the questions to be removed.  They could go through hundreds of questions in no time. 


Maybe this is a good sign as I just found out that the questions I answered on 3/9/08, 3/12/08 and 3/13/08 were removed.  I don’t think that they can find any more answers beyond March 2008.  Maybe I should thank god for my short history of answering Yahoo questions.  Maybe I should thank god that not too much of my time was wasted.  Maybe I should thank god that people may have reviewed all my answers since the start and may have reported all they can report to be removed.  All I have to do now is to watch out what I answer in the future.  However, I can never figure out the removal rule.  Don’t ask me even though I was selected to be the Admin. for the English section.  The most recent one that I answered being removed was “請教一段英文翻譯(從事資訊工程的) “ and the reason for the removal was “您的問題標題過於簡略含糊,無法充份表達問題方向”.  I really don’t know how much specific the question needs to be.  If all the questions can fit in the subject line, then I am sure that the subject line can be specific enough.  Otherwise, most of the questions would qualify to be removed.


Anyway, I don’t know the motive behind those who reported the questions I answered to be removed.  Maybe, the askers are afraid to leave behind any evidence.  Maybe, my outspoken personality alienates some.  Maybe, my critiques anger a few.  Maybe, my comments annoy people.  Oh, well.  Life goes on.  I don’t have time to deal with these people.  I will continue to post my answers being removed on my blogs.  There is always a way that I can show my work.  Like a rabbit, I have not one but three holes.  I have three blogs with three blog providers and I do keep all my answers since I started answering Yahoo questions.  By the way, if you cannot find some of my translations, they may be housed at http://elisaworld.pixnet.net/blog


Anyway, like I said in the past, blogging is my way to vent my spleen and I do hope that you will enjoy what I wrote even the ones full of complaints and cynics.  If you don’t like them, tough luck.

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