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I just got back from my 3-week vacation back to Taiwan .  This was our first time back to Taiwan in the heat of the summer.  We usually went back in the winter during Thanksgiving.  I was afraid of the heat.  The reality proved that my feel was not unfound.  I was soaked all the time.  I sweated constantly like running water.  I wore the bare minimum of cloth I could wear and had to change clothes constantly.  I washed in cold water and got all soaking wet again after the shower.  The bathroom was like a steam room even though I was washing in cold water.  It was hard for me to endure.  The humidity was unbearable.  Staying at my in-law’s house was unbearable too because we usually turned on the air-conditioner at night while we were sleeping.  It was unbearable for me.  I am so used to cold weather.  Most of the time, we were in shopping center.  However, any time away from the air-conditioner was hard for me.  Finally my body could not take it anymore and I came down with a cold after a week in Taiwan .  So I carried a cold for the remaining of my trip in Taiwan .    


I hope that I don’t have to visit Taiwan in the summer again.  However, it seems unlikely since that would be the only time we have not to interrupt our son’s school schedule.  I am glad that I am back to the US and my cold seems to go away.


I am still trying to adjust to the time difference.  Our kids woke up at 1am every morning, so I didn’t get enough sleep. 


By the way, the trip back to Taiwan wasn’t all so bad.  I enjoyed the food a lot, though I would wish that I had more opportunities to dine out.  Being with families, I was bound by the rule to dine at home the majority of the time.


Oh, I did have a pleasant surprise in realizing that my figure is comparable to that of top models in a deceiving way.  I discovered from this trip that the bra cup size is completely different from that in the US.  I could fit in a bra cup size three times larger than that in the US.  I am not talking about wonder bras or push up bras.  I hate those kinds of bras.  I am talking about regular bras without paddings at all.  By the way, the way you wear your bra also makes a huge difference in the appearance.  Isn’t that amazing!  Anyway, it is nice to think of having a body like that of a top model.  But a top model wouldn’t have a fat bottom like mine.  I have put on too much weight - 5 ½ pounds in 2 months.  I need to seriously think about exercising now.  Not that I was thinking of becoming a top model but that I am running out of pants and shorts to wear.   


Talking about our trip, we did get out of Taipei and visited Takoko Gorge in Hualien.  The scenery is pretty beautiful; however, the trip would have been perfect without the mosquitoes, the humidity and the heat.      

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  • Joe
  • Hi Elisa,She's about to turn 6, and will enter grade 1 this September.  Since your son is also in kindergarten, I am assuming that they are of the same age, correct?  (Is kindergarten in Minnesota is 1 year only, too?)Listening to the kids talk in Chinese can be quite amusing.  We, too, speak mostly Mandarin at home. And honestly, my ears can't really pickup any accents in her Mandarin.  However, my relatives in Taiwan said that they can notice a hint of accent in her Mandarin.What I did notice is some interesting grammar.  For example, my niece would sometimes say 「我想玩這裡。」 as in "I want to play here."  It's the kind of talk that makes you chuckle.I wonder if I would ever hear the kids say 「我敢你!」 to each other (as in "I dare you!") BTW, yes, I have also noticed that my daughter's Chinese improved significantly thanks to our Taiwan trip.
  • Yes, they are of the same age.  He will be in first grade this coming Fall.  He is about 6 1/2. 
    I know.  It is fun listening to their Chinese.  Not only with American Accent, incorrect pronunciation but also with English grammar.
    Ya, I heard a lot of this phrase too "我要玩這裡".
    The other day when my daughter said "癢癢", I thought she was saying "尿尿".  They got upset when I couldn't make out what they meant.

    elisaenglish 於 2009/08/05 11:28 回覆

  • Joe
  • You've caught me.   It's a picture of my daughter when she was learning to furniture-walk.  It's one of my favourites.I know how competitive some Chinese parents can really get.  The only thing I force my daughter into is learning Chinese.  I'm sure she will find it useful later in life.  Probably even more so than French, which she seems to be interested.  (Thanks to the dual national language in Canada, there are some French Immersion schools, including the one she is attending.)Oh, you're in the Midwest.  Not sure why I thought you were in the East...  50 ~ 80F does sound nice.  Here at the Pacific Northwest, it's been really hot for the past couple of weeks.  Last week, it even reached 34 degrees Celsius (92F?), with the humidex over 38 Celsius (100F).  It's slowly falling back to the norm now, thankfully, although still a bit too hot for my liking.
  • Hi, Joe
    She is cute.  How old is she now? 
    I have lived in the East before.  Maybe you read the articles on my blog and have mistaken that I still live in the East.  I have lived in Long Island, New York for a month and in Philadelphia for 3 months.
    My son's school offers Chinese Immersion.  We have decided not to enroll him in that program due to the recommendation from the speech pathologist.  He is somewhat challenged by language.  I believe that his Chinese is becoming better that his English because we only speak Chinese at home.  My daughter, however, speaks English all the time.  The trip back to Taiwan helped a little bit in improving her Chinese.  Even though she speaks fewer Chinese words, her pronunciation is better than her brother's.  Her brother has the accent like an American speaking Chinese.  It is hard to believe where he gets that.   
    This summer is somewhat strange.  The weather is really nice, at about 70 degrees in August.  I cannot complain too much.  However, we did not get much rain and some of our grasses are dying.

    elisaenglish 於 2009/08/04 09:55 回覆

  • Joe
  • Hi Elisa,You sure are dedicated to your children's education.  I'm rather irresponsible.  I could not bear the sweltering weather, so I would not hesitate to pull my daughter out of school during the winter months if we are going back to Taiwan.
  • Hi Joe,
    Cute picture!  Is that you?  You are surely younger than I thought. 
    I can't say that I am dedicated to my kids' education.  We are very different from the majority of the Taiwanese families in that we do not enroll our kids in all kinds of intellectural activities.  My son is in YMCA summer programs now.  All they do is playing.  They have water play twice a week and field trips twice a week too.  Sometimes, I wondered if all play and no work makes Jack a dumb boy.  I think that my son has forgotten all the vocabulary and math that he learnt in Kindergarten.  Anyway, he is still young.  So just let him enjoy it while he still can.
    By the way, we could pull my son away from school for an extra week in the winter without impacting his schedule since the school is off for about 2 weeks during Christmas.  However, the airfare is enormously expensive.  We don't have the stomach for that.  Maybe I should bring a mist mini fan with me next time and have the air conditioner turned on all day long.  Oh well.  At least I don't have to worry about the temperature for at least another two years. 
    It is actually quite nice this year.  Summer isn't as hot here in Minnesota.  The temperature in the morning is still around 50 degrees Farenheit.  The temperature is around 70 to 80 degrees during the day.  Feel really nice to be home again. 

    elisaenglish 於 2009/08/01 13:47 回覆

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