To expand your imagination and creativity, I thought that it would be fun to post some of the slogans I came up with while answering a Yahoo Knowledge question.

Sometimes, literal translation or word for word translation is not always the best.  It depends on the purpose and where it will be used.  In this case, the asker was creating a Father’s Day brochure for a client and needed to come up with a slogan.  The client asked to use the phrase “上陣不離父子兵”.  The asker wanted to know what the translation of that phrase is to be included in the brochure.  In the brochure, there is also a picture of a father and a son walking together, both wearing jeans and with whips on their hands.

Since the purpose of the slogan is to be used in a Father’s Day brochure, I did not translate the phrase literally or word for word.  This is all about marketing.  To come up with better slogans, you need to know the product.  Since the asker did not describe what the product is, this is the best I can come up with.  It is fun to answer this type of question as it reminded me of the days I attended the Marketing classes (product pricing, branding, consumer behavior, etc).  


1.  Father and Son, Together as One.  (I like this one better.  It has a hint of father and son as one unit).

2.  Father and Son, Together we are One.  (Similar to the above phrase)

3.  Father and Son, Joining Hands.  (Joining hands also has a meaning of fighting together)

The commercial has Father and Son walking together, wearing jeans and carrying a whip. That gives me an idea of using blue as a metaphor of jeans, which are usually in blue color)

4.  Father and Son, True-blue as One

5.  Father and Son, True-blue to One Another.


6.  Father and Son, True-blue to the Core.


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